After the Crunch Trilogy it had to be Brexit the Musical

Broke Britannia!

The musical

Mr Wolf attempts to guide us through Britain's very own financial crisis 2007-2009, which was apparently triggered by the likes of Adam Applegarth, Fred the Shred and an assortment of nutty regulators. Have we done any better since? Little Red Riding Hood, making the journey from prey to predator, appears to be the only winner. 

Others in the trilogy


The musical

Mark and Gilda, lost in the woods, stumble on the European Currency School, a dodgy establishment run by Papa Kohl and Madame Mitterrand. We learn about dastardly plans to replace them with a single currency. Guest appearances by David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Trichet, the Snake, the PIIGs, and the wild currencies of eastern Europe. 

Barack and the Beanstalk

A musical romp through America

Oblivious of the well-known fairy tale young Barack sells the family cow for a handful of beans with dire consequences. Who is the Giant? What gets laid by his precious hen? This is a drama that goes all the way to America’s near- bankruptcy, accompanied by a mad hatter’s Tea Party of assorted bankers, lawyers and  politicians. Great tunes and nifty words.

The third musical in a row by the Shirreff/Sarre team. Details at: 

Brexit the Musical

'from Eton Mess to Dog's Breakfast'

This is the fourth, performed at various venues from October 2016 to October 2017, until Brexit ceased to be something to laugh about. Words by David Shirreff, music by Russell Sarre and Frederick Appleby, directed by Lucy Appleby (no relation). More at